A few weeks ago I wrote a long list of ideas down on paper. I really want to work on programming projects outside of work, and I really want to practice writing prose, rather than only writing code.

So I started writing a long list, all about the type of game I would like to make. As it turned out, the list turned out to be a bunch of ideas about how to make a game, and it failed to talk about anything game related at all. Oh well!

Here is the list:

  • Browser LBP
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Platform interfaces / abstractions
  • Promises, async
  • Accounts w/ external identity
  • Persistent, sync, multiplayer, deterministic, replays
  • Tests. unit & functional
  • Share: tutorials, challenges, perfect/secret endings
  • Forums, feedback on everything, karma
  • Bounties & voting on development
  • 0 iteration time
  • Always, CT, downtime = new test
  • Touch controls
  • Tutorial (PVZ, heartstone, dota2)
  • Opt-in feature branches
  • QA via forums/karma?
  • Offline app
  • Development notes, times
  • Public API
  • Forking / Merging assets. Authors. Attribution

Also, I made a little roadmap list:

  1. JFDI. Something running, all garbage
  2. Hosting garbage, CI/deployed
  3. Write it down. Blog about it
  4. Test the garbage, Example unit and functional test